Vanguard Index Funds: A Complete Beginner's Guide to Investing

I’m taking you through step by step, on how to start investing with Vanguard index funds, in this COMPREHENSIVE beginners tutorial! We’ll go through account set up, buying your first ETF, as well as some of the best ETF’s to buy today in 2020.

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Vanguard is one of my favorite brokerages. I just wanted to share with you exactly how to begin investing using the Vanguard platform and their low expense ratio index funds. This is one of the smartest ways to invest today, as Warren Buffet and other millionaires recommend buying these low cost index funds and investing in the long term. This is also how I have set up my Roth IRA retirement account, which I recommend you guys do as well.

I’ll screenshare with you as I open up a Vanguard account, and purchase some ETFs. A lot of people don’t realize that funding the account only puts the money in your settlement account, and it’s not actually invested! To invest, you need to take money from your settlement account and use it to purchase shares of an ETF or stock.

We’ll go through:
How to set up a vanguard account
Best vanguard ETFs for beginners
How to buy vanguard index funds and ETFs
3 Top Vanguard ETFs
Full Vanguard tutorial

I’ll also go through 3 top ETF’s that you can buy today, all with extremely low fees and reliable performance.

Thank you for watching!!

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