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This video presents the 5 greatest takeaways from Benjamin Graham’s classic, The Intelligent Investor. This is value investing at its greatest.

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Top 5 takeaways from The Intelligent Investor:

0:00 Intro
0:48 1. Meet Mr. Market
2:59 2. How to invest as a defensive investor
5:25 3. How to invest as an enterprising investor
8:10 4. Insist on a margin of safety
9:54 5. Risk and reward are not always correlated

– Firstly, the market tends to be overoptimistic and too pessimistic from time to time. Don’t let this influence what you think that the true value of your assets are. Instead, see it as a business opportunity, where you get to deal with a person who has no idea of what he’s doing.
– Secondly, the defensive investor should go for a diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds, where the stock-category consists of primarily low-priced issues.
– Thirdly, the enterprising investor should also aim for stocks that show lower price tendencies. If he can find a company that is trading below its net working capital, he might have found his El Dorado.
-The forth takeaway is that the intelligent investor should insist on a margin of safety when acquiring an asset.
– And finally, takeaway number 5 is that risk and reward aren’t necessarily correlated.

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