The AUTOMATIC MILLIONAIRE – (Investing for Beginners)

The AUTOMATIC CROREPATI – (Investing for Beginners)
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Many of the world’s greatest investors have only one advantage over us normal folks: they were exposed to investing very early in their lives and took an interest in it. Warren Buffett bought his first stock, Cities Service, at eleven years old. Ray Dalio bought Northeast Airlines at twelve. Something similar happened to David Bach.

When he was just seven years old, his grandma took him to McDonald’s. Once they sat down and started eating, she told him there are three types of people in the world: those who eat at McDonald’s, those who work at McDonald’s, and those who invest in McDonald’s. Then, she helped him buy his first share of McDonald’s stock. What David learned was that, clearly, being an investor was the best way to succeed in life.

What a powerful story! And what an investor David became. Before eventually starting his own financial consultancy, he worked at Morgan Stanley as a vice president. As of today, he’s published twelve books, nine of them NYT bestsellers, with over seven million copies sold. The Automatic Millionaire is his most practical template for simple and efficient wealth-building.

Here are 3 lessons to help you achieve millionaire status:

Saving a little every day will go a long way.
Pay yourself first to make sure you take care of your financial future.
Automatic payments allow you to invest in a disciplined manner without being disciplined yourself.
Would you like to set up your finances so that they run towards your goals on auto-pilot? Then let’s dig into what makes an automatic millionaire!

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