Stock Market For Beginners 2022 | The Ultimate Guide To Investing

Here is my ultimate guide to investing in the stock market for complete beginners in 2022.
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00:00:00 Introduction
00:07:45 What Is A Stock?
00:10:38 Shareholder vs Bondholder
00:16:42 Portfolio Allocation
00:19:38 Initial Public Offering “IPO”
00:26:48 Stock Market Basics
00:41:42 Price To Earnings “PE Ratio”
00:46:03 Volume
00:49:29 Dividends
00:53:11 Risk vs Reward
00:57:25 Quarterly Earnings Report
01:01:46 Supply And Demand
01:06:00 Inflation
01:09:20 How To Buy Stocks
01:27:34 Types Of Stocks
01:33:40 Mutual Funds And ETFs
01:37:44 Retirement Accounts
01:44:17 Real Estate Investment Trusts “REITs”
01:46:17 Day Trading
01:48:32 Swing Trading
01:51:20 Long Term Investing
01:54:17 Investing Strategies
02:11:27 Technical Stock Analysis
02:18:50 Fundamental Stock Analysis
02:49:03 Sector vs Industry
03:00:00 Sector Rotation
03:04:09 Vanguard ETFs
03:06:29 Investment Taxes


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