real estate investing works on you before it works for you

Today we’ll go over the 7 skills you must master in order to be a successful real estate investor. These skills aren’t necessarily strategies or tactics, but the mindset of doing more deals in your business. It’s taken me since 2004 to recognize the skills needed to thrive during a recession. We all want the outcome of real estate working for us because that’s when we see physical results and money coming in. But, It doesn’t look or feel good when real estate is working on us. Learn how to identify the difference in the two so you’re not too hard on yourself and you can be intentional in your actions..

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00:00- Intro
1:40 – #1 is getting leads for your business
3:12 – #2 is Negotiation
5:20 – #3 is Financing
6:20 – #4 is Tenant management, collecting rents, dealing w/ vacancies
7:50 – #5 Finding the right contractor
8:50 – #6 Finding investor friendly title company, attorney, home inspectors, realtors, brokers
9:50 – #7 Creative financing

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