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Invest 98-L does have an area of low pressure now. It is still dealing with dry air and wind shear, but about to move out of the high wind shear area. It is moving over warm water with water temps in the mid to upper 80s. Looks like it will organize and may become a depression within a day or two. Will be South of Jamaica Sunday. GFS Model takes to Yucatan Channel Tuesday and into central Gulf Wednesday. Euro model shows it over Central Cuba Monday and South Florida Tuesday. Both models have shifted more to the East. These models will likely change again as the system has not yet formed. Hot here. Record highs. Fall arrives 8:04 pm. Weak cold front overnight. Less humid, but still hot Friday and Saturday. Stronger cold front Monday. This will play a role in where Invest 98-L goes. Weather here is looking pretty good through Wednesday at least with slightly cooler mornings and breezy conditions Wednesday and Thursday thanks to a tight pressure gradient.

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