Investing for beginners UK 2022 – Using Index funds and a Vanguard stocks and shares ISA.

For beginners investing can be daunting. This video addresses the issue of being a beginner investor in the UK 2022, showing you just how easy it is to get started.

Would you like to learn how to invest but you don’t know where to start?
Investing can seem like a total minefield at first and after a quick google you start reading about stocks and shares, index funds and some dude called Warren Buffet, it can start to seem far too complicated! Am I right?!

Investing isn’t just for professional Investment Bankers and I’m going to show you how investing in the UK stock market can work for you and just how simple it can actually be!

If you’re looking to build wealth, set up for a more secure future and start to make smarter financial decisions then this video is for YOU

Watch the video for a step-by-step guide on investing in the UK stock market for beginners- Including;

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WHY to invest
WHAT to invest in
HOW to invest
HOW to look after those investments and
HOW to open and ISA* with Vanguard
And I promise it’ll be painless!

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0:43 skip intro
1:05 what to invest in
2:34 what is an index fund
4:28 why invest long term
6:23 SNP & FTSE chart review.
9:50 Dollar cost averaging
13:06 How to use Vanguard

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I light the backdrop with this:


Camera: I current use a Galaxy S10..
The Visuals:
I use Storyblocks for all the sexy B roll.
The sounds:
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📚 5 books to shape your financial future:
The richest man in Babylon:

An engaging tale that teaches the fundamentals of saving and attitudes you should have towards money. I listen to this at least once per year.
A random walk down Wall Street:

Let Burton Gordon Malkiel, explain everything you need to know about trying to beat the market.
Rich dad poor dad:

There is a reason this features on all lists of the best books. You will walk away from this truly understanding the importance of income producing assets.
The Millionaire next door:

I love this book because it destroys the conventional perception that all millionaires are one type of person. Read this and you will so realise being a millionaire is well within your grasp!
Green eggs and Ham:

Life changing

📎 Links from the VIDEO

My Video on the benefits of ISA’s

Vanguard sign up

Full interview with Warren Buffett

Any information provided in this video is meant purely for entertainment purposes and does not constitute any form of recommendation, They are simply my opinions. If you want financial advice tailored to your circumstances please consult with a licensed professional.

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