How to trade on Olymptrade using Mobile – A Step by Step Guide.

Mobile devices are so common in modern trading that it’s hard to think of a good platform that doesn’t have an app. Olymp Trade is no different, and today we’ll take a closer look at the mobile apps for Olymp Trade and how to use them.

Some people might look down on the use of mobile apps for money, but they are out of touch with the times. As was already said, most serious trading platforms already have apps for mobile devices that are just as good as the desktop and web versions.

Olymp Trade was one of the first businesses to jump on this trend. It now has mobile apps for Android and iOS with a wide range of trading instruments, on-platform features and bonuses, and unique Quality of Life improvements to make life easier for traders.

How to find the Olymp Trade mobile app and put it on your phone.

Before you can use the app, you have to find it and put it on your device. It’s a good thing that it’s not hard to do.


For Android, go to the Google Play app store, type “Olymp Trade” in the “Search” field, and then choose the “Olymp Trade – Online Trading App.” Or, you can just click this link on your phone to go there.

Or you can follow this link:


The iOS version can be found in the Apple App Store. It’s pretty much the same as the Android version. In the same way, you need to type “Olymp Trade” into the Search box and pick “Olymp Trade – Online Trading” from the list of results. You can also quickly get the app by following this link on your mobile device.

And now you’re a proud user of the Olymp Trade mobile app, with all the cool features it has now and the ones that will be added in the future.

How do I sign up for the mobile app and log in?

The Olymp Trade platform is easy to sign up for and log in to. You shouldn’t have any trouble with it because it is easy to use and well-made. Still, just to be safe, we’ve decided to give you a short guide on how to do it.

Let’s start with the sign-up process:

  • Open it;
  • Choose the form for “Registration”;
  • Provide your email;
  • Make a password that is safe;
  • Choose the currency for your trading account (USD or EUR);
  • If you want to put money in your account right away, you can do so easily with a bank card, an e-wallet, or a cryptocurrency.
  • Choose “Live Account” or “Demo Account” from the menu.

As you can see, the process is easy and doesn’t require much of you. Just follow the app’s (or this article’s) instructions, and you’ll be ready to go in no time.

Let’s talk about how to log in now. In the same way, it is very easy. All you have to do to enter your profile and start trading is:

  • Open the Olymp Trade app on your phone.
  • Pick the form that says “Log in”;
  • Type in your login name and password.
  • If you’re logging in from a new place or device, you’ll need to enter a verification code that will be sent to you via SMS;
  • If you need to, enter the code;
  • Sometimes, you might need to solve a Captcha to prove that you are not a robot before you can get in;
  • That’s it, you’ve logged in to your account successfully and can now start trading;

We also suggest that you use Google Authenticator or SMS to set up two-factor authentication. This will make your account and funds safer. In this day and age, you can’t be too careful with your data.

As you can see, both of these steps are easy. Now that you’ve done them, you can start using the Olymp Trade mobile apps in earnest.

What does it have to offer?

The thing that draws people to every trading app out there is how well it works. How many different things does it have? How many kinds of things can I trade? What kinds of tools would I need? In this section, we’ll answer all of these questions as we look more closely at the Olymp Trade mobile platform.



The mobile version of Olymp Trade has the same assets as the desktop version.

It lets you trade the same number of currency pairs, stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. Here are a few of the most well-known:

  • Pairs of currencies: EUR/USD and GBP/USD
  • Apple, Tesla, Google, and Microsoft are good stocks.
  • S&P500 and Dow Jones are indices.
  • Metals: Gold, Silver
  • Brent, Natural Gas ETFs, Crypto, and a lot more are all types of commodities.

Tools for Trading

Olymp Trade gives traders a lot of tools to help them make the most money from their trades:

  • Customized plans to figure out the trend and find a place to start;
  • Advisors that tell you when to start a trade and when to end it;
  • Indicators and oscillators that help you figure out what’s going on in the market;
  • You can create your own drawing tools so you can do your own technical chart analysis;
  • Plus a lot more.

Overall, the Olymp Trade mobile app gives you the same experience as a professional trader using a laptop, but in a smaller package.

Demo Account

And now that you know the basics about the assets and tools you’ll be using, it’s time to start trading. But how can you do that without putting your money at risk? The Olymp Trade Demo Account comes into play at this point.

It is a special account where you can learn how to trade, try out the tools and strategies available to you, and so on. All of this can be done without putting any money at risk. On the Demo Account, all users who have signed up can use the 10,000 digital currency that they can add to. And when you’re ready, you can switch to a real account, put money in it, and trade as much as you want.

Is the mobile app for Olymp Trade different from the web version?

As you might expect, the mobile version of our platform will look different from the web version. This is because the mobile version will have to work with a smaller screen and a touchscreen instead of a mouse and keyboard.

So the design is changed, the trading controls are made better for mobile users, and many other small quality-of-life changes are made to make trading on small screens as smooth as possible.

At the same time, mobile apps have the same basic features and more advanced features as desktop apps. Traders who use mobile devices can use Olymp Trade Market, Trader’s Way, Multi-currency Accounts, and so on. So they can still make money and have the same level of success as those who trade from a laptop.

And that’s it for what, how, and why the Olymp Trade mobile app does what it does. We’ve talked about how it works and what it can do, so you should have everything you need to start trading right away.