How To Start Investing in The Stock Market | Colombo Stock Exchange | Mastermind Roshan

How To Start Investing in The Stock Market | Colombo Stock Exchange | Master Mind Roshan

If your goal is to achieve financial freedom in life, starting to invest in stocks is definitely something you need to consider🔥

However, when you are starting out as a beginner, it can be a little confusing and overwhelming ☹️

We’ve come across tons of entrepreneurs and investing enthusiasts who’ve benefited so much from a simple breakdown of the investment basics! So, we wanted to make sure that this information is widely accessible 🔥

And to help you get started, we’ve brought in an expert 🙌🏽

Meet Roshan Fernando 👋

He is a certified and registered investment advisor for the Colombo Stock Exchange with 18 years of experience in investment advisory, business development, and strategy implementation 🔥

He is also the Director of Skyreach ventures (Pvt) Ltd, Skyreach investments (Pvt) Ltd, Masterminds Holdings (Pvt) Ltd, Entrepreneurs Lanka Limited and the founder of Mastermind institute of studies 🔥

Today, he will discuss 🤔 What the stock market actually does 🤔 Why it issues shares 🤔 The difference between underrated and overrated shares 🤔 How to value a share 🤔 How you can open a CRC account to start investing +more!

Are you ready to learn about investments 101? 🔥

Click the video below and start learning 💯

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