How to Invest First ₹10,000? (जल्दी Financial Freedom पाने के लिए)

How to Invest First ₹10,000? (For Early Financial Freedom)
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This is a beginners guide to invest in shares (stock market) in India.
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In this video, I discuss the best way on how you can start your stock market investing journey as a beginner to achieve financial freedom and true independence by getting your money to work for you through share market investing in India.

I also discuss how you can open your brokerage (Demat and trading) account online for free. How you can invest your first 1000, first 10,000 rupees in Indian stock market to get maximum profits.
The first most important decision you’ll need to take after beginning your stock market journey is to decide whether you want to do investing or trading. And if you want to do investing then for how long you want to stay invested in the share market? Most people lose money here because they’re often confused between being an investor or trading in the stock market.
Once you’ve decided that you’ll do long-term investing and get rich through the power of compounding, then you should start with researching, analyzing, and understanding just one company instead of diversifying foolishly.
This is because when you invest your first 10,000, you’ll hardly buy more than a few shares of each company. So it’ll be far better to start with just one company.
So below are the few type of stocks and companies that you should avoid a beginner investor in share market.
The first and important stocks to avoid is the Penny stock, which most people think of as a penny multibagger stock that can give you highest profit. However, that’s usually not true as these penny stocks are the companies that are in very poor state and have very less chance of growth or recovery.
To understand more type of stocks to avoid and what type of stocks to buy for beginners, you can watch this video.

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