How to Invest During a Recession (or a Housing Market Crash)

How can you invest during a housing market crash? Everyone wants to know how to invest during a recession. We get it—things aren’t looking too good. Inflation is crossing all-time high territory, your rent is going up and so are interest rates, and many investors are wondering if a stock market crash is on the horizon. It’s normal to be scared, but it’s even smarter to do something while all the other investors are trapped in analysis paralysis. If you do want to invest, what should you do?

We’re back with another bonus episode of “On The Market” where we’re tackling the not-so-simple question, “should I invest in 2022?” If you think a bunch of real estate investors are biased, you may be right, but we’d highly encourage you to listen to the very end of this episode, as each guest on our expert panel explains why they’re doing what they’re doing and why you should try it too.

Recessions are traditionally when much of the population loses money, but it doesn’t have to be that way for informed investors. A world of opportunity is waiting for you, even if you have no money or experience going into this year. If you take what our expert guests say to heart, there’s a good chance you’ll not only make it out alive in 2022, but you’ll also have a lot more wealth than when you started.

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Episode #16

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00:00 Should You Invest in 2022?
04:33 Is the Housing Market Starting to Cool?
09:51 What if The Housing Market Crashes?
16:57 How to Invest in 2022
30:27 Get a Real Estate Deal in 30 Days!

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