How the poor invest vs How the rich invest | How to invest

Ever wondered why the rich keep getting rich and the poor continue being poor? Well, the simple answer to this question is their investment decisions. In today video, we share with you how the poor invest versus how the rich invest. If you want to learn the ways of the rich and be like them then you better watch till the end. Enjoy!

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(0:22) Invest not only in the developed world but also in emerging markets
(1:11) Invest in all types of assets
(2:06) Investing in private markets
(2:58) Competition
(4:00) Balance investment portfolio
(4:31) Savings strategy
(5:14) Continuously looking for investment options
(6:02) Limitations
(6:36) Invest small
(6:56) New opportunities
(7:34) Leftover investing
(8:08) Knowledge and personal development
(8:50) Resources
(9:26) Attitude

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