ETF Investing – Nifty BeES & Exchange Traded Funds क्या हैं, कैसे Invest करें?

ETF Investing explained in hindi. What are Exchange Traded Funds and Nifty BeES? ETFs, like Index Funds, are passive funds and ETF investing is becoming widely popular nowadays. We will also look at how to invest in ETFs, Nifty BeES, and the types of ETFs.
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Time Stamps
00:00 – Intro
01:23 – What are ETFs?
03:00 – How do ETFs work?
05:05 – Types of ETF
08:00 – Growth of ETF Market
10:03 – Expense Ratio
11:12 – Tax Implications
12:36 – Why invest in ETF?
13:20 – Limitations of ETF
14:14 – Tracking Error
14:43 – How to invest in ETF?

About the Video
ETFs explained: ETF or Exchange Traded Funds are a good investment for anyone looking to diversify their portfolio, and who already has an interest in mutual funds and stock markets. They are high return investments with the features of both equities and mutual funds. ETF is an essential concept to understand for stock market beginners. The ETF market, along with mutual funds, has grown to new heights in the last few years. A lot of investors are now diverting their funds towards ETF investing.

Those looking for low risk investments can take up ETF investing in gold ETF, bond ETF, Nifty BeES ETF, etc. Nifty BeES are a special type of ETF, and are high return investments with a low expense ratio. Both ETFs and Nifty BeES allow you to diversify your portfolio, and provide exposure to a number of good stocks at the same time. We will also cover topics like introduction to ETFs, how to invest in etfs, etf vs mutual funds, their expense ratio, tracking error and tax implications, along with the various pros and cons of ETF investing. Choosing the right type of investment option is necessary to safeguard your capital and grow your money.

In this video, we’ll also answer the following questions:
1. What is ETF in stock market?
2. How to invest in ETFs?
3. Exchange Traded Funds explained.
4. What are Nifty BeES?
5. Expense ratio kya hota hai?
6. Etfs kya hai?
7. ETFs vs Mutual Funds.
8. Tracking Error in ETFs.
9. How to invest in Nifty bees?
10. What are the different types of ETFs?
11. Do ETFs have a low expense ratio?
12. How much returns do ETFs give?
13. How do exchange traded funds work?
14. Why people are investing in ETFs?

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