Convection firing on West side of Invest 98-L

Convection is firing West of Invest 98-L. It is dealing with dry air and strong winds aloft on the East side. It will be moving away from the wind shear and will continue to move into warm water. It will likely become a depression within a day or two. Global forecast models have shifted to the East and are funning faster. GFS Model has it near the West tip of Cuba Tuesday morning & in the NE Gulf making landfall in Florida Thursday. THIS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. The Euro model has it just West of Central Cuba Monday night and over Florida Keys Tuesday. THIS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. The takeaway is that there appears to be a shift to the East and a faster movement. We will have to continue to monitor. Weak cold front overnight with drier air for Friday. Still hot into weekend. Stronger cold front Monday which will play a role in Invest 98-L’s movement.

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