CASH INVESTING & ALTERNATIVES 2021 (Stocks, Index funds, Bonds, Gold, RE)

Cash is trash says Ray Dalio and with what is going on in the economy and with monetary policy, it is possible that thanks to inflation, cash will be worth even less than trash. But, what are the cash investing alternatives, what are the risks and rewards, what is the best asset class solution for you. I don’t give an answer to where you should put your cash in 2021, but I hope to make you think about investing, give you an answer to what are the pros and cons of investing options, so that you get know how to best get to your goals.

0:00 Cash In 2021
3:46 Cash Mindset
6:40 Cash Outlook
10:14 Cash Alternatives
11:39 Stocks
16:34 Index Funds
19:07 Bonds
21:31 Real Estate
22:04 Gold
22:47 Debt
23:38 Portfolio Strategy
25:01 What Works

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