BEST Strategy for Short Term Investing | FIXED 11% RATE OF RETURN! | Ankur Warikoo Hindi

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How do you earn returns way higher than Fixed Deposits, for a medium term of 1-3 years?

How do you also make sure that the returns being promised to you are duly backed by experts?

That is where I am an investor in Wintwealth, that helps you invest in corporate bonds, and does ALL the due diligence for you, and you just have to pick your sum and your duration.

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00:00 Introduction
00:25 3 modes of Investment
03:50 What are Corporate Bonds
06:00 What do Corporate Bonds do?
06:40 Risks involving Corporate Bonds
11:15 Wint platform
16:05 My advice on buying Corporate Bonds
16:30 Conclusion

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