What Is Cryptocurrency And How Does It Work In 2023

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In this video, we’re going to talk about What Is Cryptocurrency And How Does It Work In 2022? World money has played a significant role in human history. The barter system was present during the time of the cavemen wherein commodities and services are traded. The currency had a few revisions once it was realized how successfully the barter system functioned. The first legal tender was created around 110 BC. Paper money gained popularity and was used all throughout the globe between 1680 and 1980. And then modern money as we know it came into being such as credit cards, digital wallets, and paper money. This also includes Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, DM Pay, PayPal, etc.

However, in this method, users’ accounts could be compromised, such as via a DDoS attack, identity theft, or exceeding transfer limitations. Because of this, cryptocurrencies are created which are the form of money of the future. Through crypto, all the issues with contemporary banking are resolved; there are no restrictions on the amount of money transferred, accounts cannot be compromised, and there is no single point of failure. Watch this to learn more about “What Is Cryptocurrency And How Does It Work In 2022?”

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00:00 Start
00:38 World Money
02:43 Modern Money
04:05 Cryptocurrencies as Money of the Future
05:38 Exactly what are cryptocurrencies?
07:01 What is so unique about cryptocurrencies?
08:05 What’s the crypto in cryptocurrencies?
09:01 Bitcoin and Ether
12:34 What kind of future does cryptocurrency have?

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