Rain – The first licensed cryptocurrency exchange platform in the MENA region

Rain Financial Ltd., as the first licensed cryptocurrency exchange platform and custodian in the Middle East, is providing opportunities for everyone to peek inside this fastest-evolving industry in the world while minimizing the risks of investing in or possessing this digital money.

Rain firmly believes that regulations play a pivotal role in the crypto industry, not only for legal matters but also for the security that the public need. Joseph Dallago, the Co-founder, and CEO of Rain affirms that the regulation is deeply valued by the company even though it may slow down the process of its expansion and development, “we think that there might be cases where regulation can stifle innovation, but it’s very important that we continue to have an open dialogue with regulators and work to improve those aspects.”

In early 2019, Rain helped the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) develop its Crypto Asset Module- a regulatory frame. Dallago explains that the regulations will increase the overall quality of a company and the industry at large. Setting up precise requirements for companies that enter the market is a responsibility for the public that cannot be neglected.

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