Is $10,400 Bitcoin Incoming? | With Gareth Soloway

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The crypto market shows volatility and many crypto investors are at a loss on what’s next for the Bitcoin price. Join Sheldon the Sniper and Gareth Soloway in today’s crypto trading lesson and learn trading crypto and traditional markets in ANY situation! Don’t miss this show!!

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00:00 Trading Crypto – Max Pain 10k Bitcoin Price
01:32 Learn Trading Crypto in Sniper School
02:46 Passports for Crypto Massive Giveaway!
03:44 Gareth Soloway – NVIDIA & Stock Market
05:50 Trading Bitcoin – Bull Market Cycles
10:45 Is the Bitcoin Low in? Institutional Acceptance
13:10 NASDAQ – US Stock Market & Bitcoin Price
16:15 BTC.D – What Does 10k Bitcoin Mean for Altcoins?
18:22 Trading Altcoins – When to Exit Crypto Trades
19:03 Trading Litecoin LTC – How to Regain Losses
22:20 Education – Learn Trading Crypto – Key Points
24:22 Learn to Let Go – How to Handle Losses in Crypto
27:28 Diversified Trading Portfolios – Trading Gold
30:14 Market Influencing Events & Money Printing
32:10 Stepping Out – Daily Routine for Crypto Traders
34:45 Mental Health – What’s Next in the Crypto Market?
36:30 Sniper School – Free Crypto Trading School!

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