How to Trace Cryptocurrency Transactions Using Maltego in 5 Minutes

Tracing cryptocurrency transactions to identify financial fraud and criminal activities like money laundering is not as complicated as one would think. In this 5-minute tutorial, we show you how investigators can map the history of Bitcoin transactions and movements from one address to another using Maltego.

■ Video Content
0:00 Welcome!
0:27 Intro to Cryptocurrency
1:25 Tracing Cryptocurrency Transactions Tools
2:00 Investigation Using Blockchain Integration in Maltego
3:10 Investigation Using CipherTrace Integration in Maltego

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■ About Maltego
Used by investigators worldwide, Maltego is an graphical link analysis tool that allows users to mine, merge, and map data from OSINT and third-party data integrations for all sorts of investigations– cybersecurity, person of interest, fraud, and more.

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