How To Make $100 Per Day Trading Cryptocurrency 2023 (Full Strategy)

In this video I’ll explain my exact crypto trading strategy that allows me to make $100-1000/day trading crypto. This video has lessons from my nearly 7 years of experience, so I hope it helps!

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0:00 – Intro
1:24 – Strategy Explained
2:23 – Trading The 35A Strategy (Longing)
8:54 – Trading The 35A Strategy (Shorting)
11:31 – How To Position Size
13:09 – Understanding Risk/Reward
14:26 – Position Sizing
15:51 – Understanding Margin
17:23 – Tracking & Backtesting Trades
19:26 – Increasing Size & Profit
21:33 – Summary


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The content covered in this video is NOT to be considered financial or investment advice.
This video is not guaranteeing profits nor is it recommending to take any actions based on the content in this video. Video is intended for entertainment purposes ONLY!

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