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Hello, best guys! Welcome to my channel. I’m Mia. I’m a trader and I’m the best in crypto investing and I really want to help you, my friends. How do I invest in cryptocurrency? How to make money on it? It is possible to start with a small amount of money, the main thing is to start to invest in crypto.

You always keeps facing a question ‘How to invest in cryptocurrency?’ and want to earn money. There is a great number of traders, companies that started investing in cryptocurrency long time ago. And you can be one of them because investing into crypto is much easier than it might seem.

Nowadays newcomers come to take benefit and to invest into crypto every day. Here, on my channel, you will get the practice essentials on how to invest in cryptocurrency for beginners, even if you are absolute ‘zero’ in trading. Step by step we will register, see trading sessions, and learn how to make short and long trades.

The best way to invest in cryptocurrency— join my channel! If you are ready to invest in cryptocurrency, come with me!

Key episodes:
00:48 ByBit Registration
06:03 Trade №1
10:22 Trade №2
13:00 Trade №3
16:28 Trade №4

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