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Our video is presenting Cryptocurrency Investment Stories which introduce you to ´´Tim´´ but cover the following subjects in this and upcoming stories:
-Is Crypto Investing a Good Idea
-what are the best cryptocurrency investments
-crypto horror stories

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Cryptocurrency Investment Stories however is a topic that I understand a lot about. My video for that reason should matter and of interest to you.

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After the digital currency boom in the finance sector, numerous investors and cryptocurrency traders gladly share their crypto success stories on how they profited and became millionaires.

Once positioning the financial sector in a new dimension, digital gold is now getting well-deserved praise. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and other moneyed cryptocurrencies are constantly increasing in numbers and are yet to reach their full potential and worth.

Bitcoin is never behind whenever cryptocurrency is brought into a discussion. This payment system created in 2008 allows people to buy things and send money without banks or intermediaries. The most attractive feature is making transactions registered on a digital blockchain ledger without attaching names to transactions made.

Hi, my name is Tim, and this is my Rex story.

During the pandemic, I observed how the crypto markets were going into a bull run. I had a little bit of money in savings and no idea what I was doing. But it is pretty difficult to lose money during the beginning of a Bull Run. My initial investment had gone up nearly 200 times, and it was a sum of money I had never had access to before. However, the lifestyle of a trader, especially an inexperienced one, can be miserable.

I would wake up three to four times and night checking charts and I would celebrate my wins with my family, but hide my losses. It was exhausting and I became a wreck. Ultimately, my investments ended up dropping all the way back down to where I had started. You see, I didn’t realize that I was competing against hardened traders that had way more resources than I did, and I wasn’t prepared for the market to bottom out.

Then a friend of mine introduced me to Rex.

REX is both a cryptocurrency and a high-yield Certificate of Deposit.

As a cryptocurrency, REX is designed for the storage and transmission of values.
In contrast to common coins or tokens, however, REX has an integrated deposit function.
By depositing REX tokens for a certain period of time – also called staking – interest is generated.

Compared to a Certificate of Deposit in traditional finance, REX offers immense flexibility and a far higher rate of return than anything the bank has to offer.
In addition, REX offers all the advantages of a blockchain-secured, decentralized and permissionless currency.

Being a cryptocurrency also means that REX behaves like any other cryptocurrency.
The price varies as people trade them, just like bitcoin.
Therefore, REX was designed in such a way to achieve the highest possible price stability.

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