Cryptocurrencies slide with Cardano leading the drop, Ethereum bucks the trend By

NEW YORK – The cryptocurrency market experienced a notable downturn at the start of the week, with most major digital currencies posting losses during Monday’s morning trading session. Cardano () led the decline, falling by 4.94% to hit 37 cents. A host of other significant cryptocurrencies followed suit, including Polygon (), (), Ripple (), Dogecoin (), Solana (), (UNIUSD), and (), which saw its value decrease to $36,813.80.

In a contrasting move, Ethereum () stood out as the sole major cryptocurrency to buck the downward trend, registering a modest gain of 0.97% to reach $2,079.98.

The ripple effect of the crypto market’s performance was felt across related stocks. Key industry players such as Coinbase (NASDAQ:) Global Inc., MicroStrategy Inc., Riot Platforms (NASDAQ:) Inc., Marathon Digital (NASDAQ:) Holdings Inc., Block Inc., and PayPal Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:). all saw their shares retract, with losses ranging from 0.35% to 6.14%. Notably, Riot Platforms’ shares declined by 4.84%, Marathon Digital’s fell by 5.05%, PayPal Holdings dipped 1.00% to $54.23, and Block Inc.’s shares decreased by 0.68% to $51.15. Coinbase Global Inc.’s stock also took a hit, dropping by 3.27%.

In contrast, Tesla (NASDAQ:) Inc.’s shares managed to climb slightly by 0.60% to $215.93.

Other tech companies with ties to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology had mixed outcomes. NVIDIA Corp (NASDAQ:).’s stock edged up by 0.20% to $484.34, while Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ:) Inc. declined by 1.59% to $116.70, and Ebang International Holdings Inc.’s shares fell by 2.38%.

Investors tracking funds associated with digital assets also navigated through a sea of red as both the Amplify Transformational Data Sharing ETF and the Bitwise Crypto Industry Innovators ETF recorded declines of 2.13% and 4.10%, respectively. The Grayscale Bitcoin Trust was not spared either, witnessing a fall of 1.71%.

The overall downturn in the crypto market and related sectors reflects broader trends impacting investor sentiment and valuations within this volatile asset class.

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