Cathie Wood Buys Massive Crypto ARK | Preparing For Bull-Run

ARK Invest says they and others are set for a Bitcoin (BTC) exchange-traded fund (ETF) approval from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) before BlackRock. Meanwhile Cathie Wood has been making major web3 & metaverse investments in preparation for a massive bull-run.

00:00 Crypto Power Index
01:19 ARK Bitcoin ETF
03:55 Cathie Buys Mythical Games
05:03 Mythical Games
08:18 NFTs on Amazing Prime Gaming
09:01 Roblox NFTs
10:35 Signum Growth
11:29 SuperSocial
13:12 Immutable-X
13:46 Immutable Games Studio
16:17 Polygon
18:07 Avalanche Subnet EVM
19:09 Avalanche x Shopify
20:03 Cathie Buys Shopify
22:23 Draft Kings & Reignmakers
25:20 Improbable MSquared
26:36 SOFI
28:43 Coinbase
32:39 Robinhood
35:33 Conclusion
36:15 outro

#Crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum
~Cathie Wood Buys Massive Crypto ARK | Preparing For Bull-Run~
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