Build and Deploy a React Cryptocurrency App and Master Redux Toolkit in One Video

Learn advanced React best practices, State Management using Redux Toolkit, UI Creation using Ant Design, creating charts using Chart.js, and fetching data from multiple sources using RapidAPI while building the best Cryptocurrency App on YouTube – Cryptoverse.

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Since the 1st of January 2022 you’ll have to make the following changes to the code:
1. Change the api v1 to v2 on RapidAPI
2. In new version, to access the exchanges endpoint you’ll need a premium plan
3. Change the coin price history endpoint to the following – `coin/${coinId}/history?timeperiod=${timeperiod}`
4. Change coin id to coin uuid in cryptocurrencies.jsx file
5. In cryptoDetails.jsx file make sure to match the stats and genericStats values

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Time Stamps 👇
00:00:00 Intro
00:02:06 RapidAPI
00:03:25 Layout
00:32:59 Homepage
00:36:31 Redux Toolkit & API Dev
00:53:32 Cryptocurrencies
01:11:28 Crypto News
01:32:02 Crypto Details
01:56:24 Chart
02:01:37 Mobile navigation
02:06:22 Challenge

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