Why Many People Lose Money In Cryptocurrency? #shorts

The Crypto End !!
You might have a lot of questions about crypto currency !
Whether you know alot about cryptocurrency or you are a newbie in this new concept of technology. In this video I have tried to answer all those questions which might have strike to your mind about cryptocurrency and blockchain In the form of 8 chapters !
I tried to keep all those chapter very compact so that you’ll know the right information in short time.

Why most of us will lose money in Crypto?
I’m not saying you’ll not make money you’ll surely make alot money but most off us will end up giving up more money back to market and that’s why most of us will lose
There is always a saying in traditional markets
95% of the people will lose there money in markets and only 5% will make it
And in those 5 % there are almost 2% who are big players
So how will you make money the answer is simple don’t follow the big names those are the ones who want you to loss alot so that they can make a lot
In our previous chapters you have already seen the hype the reports thats how the cryptospace is working and going forward with that you’ll know now why most of us will lose

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Why most of us will lose money in Crypto !

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