Why It's Time To Be Risk Off With Your Investing!

Recording date: 20th October 2022

These three battery metals CEOs discuss the disconnect between commodity prices and how the battery manufacturers view the market and the equities / trading environment for investors. Lots of ideas about what to look for and what to avoid.

Joe Walsh, MD of Lepidico (ASX:LPD)
Lepidico is an innovative developer of sustainable lithium hydroxide and other critical minerals, and the global leader in lithium mica processing. With a tech-focused, ESG-led business model that is pilot-proven, our first lithium production – from far less contested mineral sources – are due in 2025. The Phase 1 Project will provide a meaningful contribution to decarbonisation the world’s alkali metals supply chains. We are also working to grow our business with our second project, Phase 2. Other businesses have already begun to licence our patented-protected L-Max® and LOH-Max® technologies providing an avenue for royalty revenues.

Brendan Yurik, CEO of Electric Royalties (TSX-V:ELEC)
Electric Royalties is a royalty company established to take advantage of the demand for a wide range of commodities (lithium, vanadium, manganese, tin, graphite, cobalt, nickel, zinc and copper) that will benefit from the drive toward electrification of a variety of consumer products: cars, rechargeable batteries, large scale energy storage, renewable energy generation and other applications. Electric vehicle sales, battery production capacity and renewable energy generation are slated to increase 3 significantly over the next several years and with it, the demand for these targeted commodities. This creates a unique opportunity to invest in and acquire royalties over the mines and projects that will supply the materials needed to fuel the electric revolution. Electric Royalties has a growing portfolio of 20 royalties, including one royalty that currently generates revenue. The Company is focused predominantly on acquiring royalties on advanced stage and operating projects to build a diversified portfolio located in jurisdictions with low geopolitical risk, which offers investors exposure to the clean energy transition via the underlying commodities required to rebuild the global infrastructure over the next several decades towards a decarbonized global economy.

Terry Lynch, CEO of Power Nickel (TSX-V: PNPN)
Power Nickel is a TSXV listed mining focused on the acquisition and exploration of mineral properties in Canada that offer the potential for high-grade nickel deposits. Power Nickel also has a mining investment portfolio that contains an 80% ownership position of Consolidation Gold & Copper. Consolidation Gold & Copper owns 100% interest in the Golden Ivan project in British Columbia’s Golden Triangle and also owns 100% interest in three projects in Chile. The remaining 20% of Consolidation Gold & Copper is being distributed under a Plan of Arrangement to the existing shareholders of Power Nickel.

0:00 – Panel Overview
2:07 – Perspective on the Risk-Off Sentiments of Investors
4:52 – How Junior Mining Companies can Raise Capital during Inflationary Environments []
8:12 – Reason behind the Confidence and Optimism towards their Companies and their Future
10:38 – Guiding the Investors in Valuing Companies
19:06 – Figuring out the Better Companies in the Market
24:51 – How Mining Royalties can Take Advantage of the Opportunities in the “Quiet” Markets
26:12 – Perspective on the Effect of Nickel Prices to Power Nickel
27:23 – Pitch to Investors
29:29 – Pitch to Investors
30:35 – Power Nickel’s Pitch to Investors
32:22 – Outro

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