Why Cryptocurrency Is Still Relevant in 2023 w/ Bill Barhydt | EP #32 Moonshots and Mindsets

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In this episode, Bill and Peter discuss the basics of crypto, how to get involved in the crypto world, and how the banking system will evolve. Bill Barhydt is the founder and CEO of Abra, an all-in-one mobile wallet that allows its customers to buy, sell, trade, store, and borrow cryptocurrency. Barhydt is a serial entrepreneur who has worked with NASA, the CIA, and Goldman Sachs. Learn more about Abra:


00:00 Intro
05:06 The Story Of How Abra Came To Be.
13:34 Cryptocurrency Is The New Credit Card.
16:30 Are You Wealthy Enough To Take The Risk?
21:09 The 101 Of Crypto-Currency With Bill Barhydt.
31:28 How Do The Economics Work With Crypto-Currency
38:43 Should You Get Involved In The Crypto World?
46:45 What Is The Real Issue & How Do We Solve It?
50:51 Building Confidence In A System That Is Fully On The Internet.
53:48 Building A Bank That Everyone In The World Can Use.
56:30 Outlasting The Competition: What Makes Abra Safe & Unique?
1:05:47 Policing A System That Will Protect Your Crypto-Assets.
1:11:53 With A Changing World, The Banking System Needs To Change With It.
1:15:21 What Will Bitcoin Become In The Future?
1:20:17 What Will Be The Tipping Point When Crypto Takes Over?
1:22:10 So What Should You Do If You Can Take The Risk?
1:27:51 Will The Foundations Of Crypto-Currency Ever Be Sold?
1:28:55 Will The Whales Of Crypto Always Be Around?
1:30:29 How To Use Abra/Outro.


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