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00:22 – What is a domain investor?
01:33 – How do I start investing in domains?
03:01 – How do I research the value of domain names?
04:54 – Remember your neighbors
06:06 – Save time with a content calendar
04:20 – Do social media handles increase the value of a domain?
05:26 – How do I stay ahead of the trends?
07:27 – Advice for new domain investors

For nearly as long as the internet has existed, savvy investors have found a way to make a profit by trading in domain names, a practice known as domaining.

Growing levels of worldwide internet usage, increased demand for short, meaningful domain names, and this decade’s introduction of thousands of new domain extensions make today’s domaining landscape more robust than ever.

Those who are interested in entering today’s internet real estate market and making money with domains can get ahead of the curve by getting a grasp on necessary domaining knowledge.

Whether you plan to start domaining as a side hustle or dream of becoming a domaining titan, we will lay out the basics and provide advice to help you on your domain investing journey.

What is domaining and how can it make you money?
Domaining is generally defined as investing in domain names with the intention of making a profit. A profit is most often realized by selling or leasing a domain for more than you purchased it for.

A real estate investor hopes to buy a piece of land (i.e., domain name) in order to resell it for a profit or to construct a building (i.e., website) on it to sell products and services. Just as a real estate investor considers various factors in order to determine the value of land, a domainer needs to consider multiple aspects of a domain prior to investing.

Two methods of making money with domain investing
No matter your level of experience online, before you jump into domaining and start building your portfolio you will need an understanding of what domaining looks like today. There are two main methods of making money with domains: short-term investing or “domain flipping,” and long-term domain investing.

Both domaining strategies involve purchasing domain names and building a domain portfolio. How you manage those domain names, though, depends entirely on which investing approach you choose. Traditional domain investing requires less regular attention than flipping, but will also likely take longer to turn a profit.

What to consider before domaining
If domaining sounds exciting to you, that’s great. But before you commit to domain investing, there are a few other things to take into account. Domaining can be satisfying as a part-time venture or long-term career. Which you choose will depend on a few factors:

Time: If you want to invest in domains full time, you will be competing with many other investors who already have domaining experience and proven strategies that have led them to success.
Finding valuable domains and building a strong domain portfolio takes time and research.

Money: When it comes to domaining, you have to invest money to make money. How much you invest will depend on your business model and what kind of domain names you want to invest in, along with how much time you plan to spend optimizing and monetizing your domains.

If you plan to hold a large portfolio of domain names you will incur higher overhead in the form of renewal fees, so you want to make sure you are at least earning enough to cover those fees and the initial acquisition prices.

Competition in your vertical: Remember that domaining is already a popular investment opportunity, and you will be entering what can be considered one of the fastest-growing online side hustles today.

Before you shape your business plan, look at how many investors are already invested in that segment of the industry and see what domains can be had for good value.

Domaining can be an exciting investment opportunity, but making money with domains requires thorough research, an understanding of what strategy you want to pursue, and a plan of action. With the right tools and plan, anyone can invest in domains.

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