What is Cryptocurrency?| Diksha Joshi, AIR 19 UPSC CSE 2021 | IAS Topper Mock Interview #upscshorts

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🎯We are delighted to have been a part of Diksha Joshi, AIR 19 journey to Top Rank in UPSC CSE 2021.

🎯The UPSC interview plays an important role in determining the rank of the candidate in the final list. Therefore, it is very crucial to score well in the UPSC interview. The moment you enter the UPSC interview room, you will be judged by a board of competent interviewers on – body language, dressing sense, communications skills, mental alertness, clarity of thought and expression, balance of judgement, intellectual and moral integrity, etc.
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UPSC CSE 2021 final result is out and all of us at Rau’s IAS are jubilant and proud at the success of so many of our students. Our students, yet again, have bagged the top honours in Civil Services Exam. So far, we have learnt that Rau’s students have secured 10 ranks in top 20, 250+in selections in CSE 2021.
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