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Eli Lilly and Company (NYSE:), a stalwart in the biopharmaceutical industry, continues to draw attention from Wall Street firms, with the latest analysis from BMO Capital Markets Corp. projecting strong growth for its diabetes portfolio. The company’s GLP-1 treatments, particularly tirzepatide marketed as Mounjaro, and the recently approved Zepbound, are driving this optimism. Eli Lilly’s strategic focus on diabetes care, obesity, Alzheimer’s, and oncology is expected to support sustainable growth and profitability.

Market Performance and Product Segments

Eli Lilly’s diabetes treatment Mounjaro (tirzepatide) continues to outperform, reaching an all-time high in total prescriptions with 288,184 for the week, indicating strong market acceptance and potential for significant revenue growth. The company’s oncology portfolio, bolstered by the recent approval of Zepbound, is showing a promising start with significant increases in prescriptions. The upcoming submission of the Alzheimer’s drug donanemab is anticipated to contribute substantially to Eli Lilly’s financial performance, with projected tirzepatide revenues of $4.98B for FY23.

Competitive Landscape and Market Trends

The company’s strategic positioning within the biotech sector has allowed it to navigate the competitive dynamics effectively. With the incretin market growing by 1.6% week-over-week, Eli Lilly’s focus on tirzepatide in both type 2 diabetes (T2D) and obesity is expected to continue to capture market share. However, the competitive environment remains complex, with patent challenges and regulatory hurdles posing potential risks to Eli Lilly’s market dominance.

Regulatory Environment and Customer Base

With tirzepatide’s sustained growth and the anticipated approval for its use in obesity, Eli Lilly’s customer base is poised for significant expansion. The company remains well-positioned to address supply/demand mismatches and navigate the evolving reimbursement landscape, which is crucial for sustaining growth.

Management and Strategy

Analysts have highlighted Eli Lilly’s strategic acquisitions and investments in gene editing technology as key moves to strengthen its drug portfolio and maintain its competitive edge. The company’s expertise in the cardiovascular domain is expected to advance programs acquired from BEAM, reflecting a forward-looking approach to drug development.

Potential Impacts of External Factors

Supply chain management remains a critical factor for Eli Lilly, especially given the broader macroeconomic environment and recent industry-wide supply constraints. However, the company’s ability to avoid FDA shortage listings indicates strong supply chain capabilities.

Upcoming Product Launches

Zepbound’s launch dynamics, including availability in all six approved doses and competitive pricing, along with an access program for commercially insured patients, are expected to enhance its market presence. The dual branding of tirzepatide for diabetes (Mounjaro) and weight management (Zepbound) provides Eli Lilly with competitive advantages and flexibility in payer negotiations.

Stock Performance

BMO Capital Markets Corp. has updated its rating to “Outperform” with a price target of USD 710.00, reflecting a total return potential of 25%. As of December 14, 2023, the stock price stood at USD 573.67, with a market capitalization of approximately USD 543.04 billion. Earnings per share (EPS) forecasts for the first and second fiscal years are USD 6.60 and USD 12.42, respectively.

Bear Case

Is Eli Lilly facing significant competition in the incretin market?

Despite strong growth in Mounjaro prescriptions, Eli Lilly’s incretin market share could be affected by the overall market dynamics, signaling potential competition or market saturation challenges. The patent challenge by Mylan (NASDAQ:) Pharmaceuticals against Novo Nordisk (NYSE:)’s semaglutide remains a concern for the competitive landscape.

Could regulatory hurdles impact Eli Lilly’s future product launches?

Regulatory hurdles continue to pose a risk to Eli Lilly’s pipeline, including the anticipated submission of donanemab for Alzheimer’s disease. The company must successfully navigate these challenges to avoid delays in the approval and launch of new products.

Bull Case

What are the growth prospects for Eli Lilly’s Mounjaro?

The continuous growth in Mounjaro prescriptions, with weekly new prescriptions (NRx) increasing by 2.6% to 172,721, indicates strong uptake and market share gains. The anticipated approval for tirzepatide’s use in obesity further supports Eli Lilly’s significant market expansion potential.

Can Eli Lilly maintain its strong position in the biopharmaceutical industry?

Eli Lilly’s robust product pipeline and strategic initiatives, including acquisitions and a focus on gene editing technology, position the company for sustained industry leadership. Positive clinical readouts and a favorable earnings outlook contribute to a bullish perspective on the company’s future.

SWOT Analysis


– Strong pipeline with potential blockbusters like donanemab for Alzheimer’s disease.

– Leading position in the diabetes market with Mounjaro.

– Strategic acquisitions and focus on gene editing technology.


– Slowing momentum in the GLP-1 drug class and potential competition.

– Regulatory hurdles that could affect future product launches.


– Expansion into the obesity treatment market with tirzepatide.

– Label expansions and new drug approvals could drive revenue growth.


– Supply chain issues affecting product availability.

– Patent litigation and competitive pressures.

Analysts Targets

– Barclays Capital Inc. (BCI) – “Overweight” rating with a price target of USD 630.00 (December 18, 2023).

– BMO Capital Markets Corp. – “Outperform” rating with a price target of $710.00 (December 18, 2023).

– Cantor Fitzgerald – “Overweight” rating with a price target of $630.00 (November 13, 2023).

This analysis spans from September to December 2023.

InvestingPro Insights

Eli Lilly and Company (NYSE:LLY) stands out in the biopharmaceutical landscape with a robust growth trajectory, underscored by its latest revenue figures. According to InvestingPro data, the company’s revenue for the last twelve months as of Q3 2023 reached $32.07 billion, marking a growth rate of 9.69%. This acceleration in revenue growth is particularly noteworthy as it aligns with one of the InvestingPro Tips, which highlights the company’s accelerating revenue growth trend.

Another dimension of the company’s financial health is its return on invested capital, which is emphasized as a key strength in InvestingPro Tips. Eli Lilly’s strategic investments and focus on high-growth areas such as diabetes care and oncology have yielded a high return on invested capital, suggesting efficient use of shareholder funds.

With a market capitalization of $512.96 billion and a P/E ratio (adjusted for the last twelve months as of Q3 2023) of 64.71, Eli Lilly is trading at a high earnings multiple. This reflects investor confidence in the company’s future earnings potential, despite the high valuation. The InvestingPro Fair Value estimate stands at $488.84, providing a data-driven perspective on the stock’s valuation.

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