Trading Cryptocurrency for Beginners (Full Guide – Part 1)

Before you start on your crypto trading journey, it’s essential to have an understanding of two main methods that can be used when building a trading strategy. In this video, we will be looking at these two main concepts – Technical analysis and fundamental analysis.

00:00 – Trading Cryptocurrency for Beginners
01:03 – Giveaway
01:11 – Technical analysis and fundamental analysis
01:26 – What is technical analysis?
03:36 – Trading indicators explained
03:45 – What are Moving averages?
04:26 – What is Relative strength index (RSI)?
05:16 – What are Bollinger Bands?
06:50 – What is Fundamental Analysis?
08:06 – What are the differences between TA and FA?
08:36 – Crypto trading strategies
08:49 – How to enter the giveaway

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