The Social Side of Whisky Investing – Hackstons

See our latest client dinner where we settled down for a luxurious meal after spending the day tasting whisky in Edinburgh. Hear from our clients about their experiences with Hackstons.

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About Hackstons

We are luxury asset managers that have personal experience in a multifarious range of collectibles, luxuries acquisition and alternative investment options.

Each member of our staff has their own specialisation in certain collectibles, whether that is cask whisky, luxury timepieces, gold coins and many more.

However, for even the wealthiest, getting these items is extremely difficult. Most distilleries won’t open an account for you, most prestige watch dealerships have long waiting lists and luxury auctions can be prohibitively expensive. By drawing upon our extensive and exclusive network of contacts we have helped our clients to attain the tangible items for pleasure, profit or both!

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