"The Beginning of 2023 Will Be Really Bad" | Mark Yusko PREDICTION

As the year comes to an end, many investors are most likely wishing to put 2022 behind them and look forward to 2023, as Bitcoin is down 65% year-to-date and Ethereum is down 68% year-to-date. In a discussion on Blockworks, investor Mark Yusko gave his take on what he sees coming in 2023. Mark believes that the first quarter will be rough, particularly for equities and while we may have seen the bottom in crypto, we still aren’t necessarily out of the woods for a while like many may believe. Yusko believes that this phase in cryptocurrency’s maturation will be challenged by the powers-that-be, who are ready to fight tooth & nail to suppress cryptocurrency. While Mark sees challenges ahead, he ultimately believes that the industry is still in its teenage years and will overcome all the FUD that is coming it’s way.
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“The Beginning of 2023 Will Be Really Bad” | Mark Yusko PREDICTION

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