Taking a Break from Finance & Investing Content

I will be taking a break from talking about finance and investing content on this channel. I have greatly enjoyed it the last three and a half years, but this channel has gone in a new direction where my time can be more effective focusing on current events and geopolitics. I hope everyone will continue to support me!

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Finviz Heat Map

Inflation is up 8.3% since last yearβ€”and more Fed rate hikes are likely looming

Fed Schedule

Federal Funds Effective Rate

30-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage Average in the United States

FedEx shares sink after company cites weakening global demand

Meta shares plunged 14% this week, falling close to their pandemic low

U.S. considering sanctions to deter China from invading Taiwan, EU also pressured: report

China’s property market is in freefall. What does this mean for the world economy?

Chinese stocks could plunge by 20% if real estate troubles get much worse, Morgan Stanley says

China puts 65m people into semi-lockdown ahead of party summit

Georgia Mulls Holding Vote on Fighting to Regain Land

China warns against meddling in Kazakhstan ahead of Putin meeting


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