Stock Price Trades (SPT) – new trading mode on Olymp Trade!

Stock Price Trades or SPT is a new trading mode on the Olymp Trade platform designed to trade stocks of companies from across the whole world.
SPT provides unlimited opportunities to make money!
SPT is a trading mode for:
— Those who don’t want to pay high commissions.
— Those who like to trade on a trend. Stock markets are most often trending markets. All you need to do is find a strong rising trend and open a trade. From there, the market will do everything by itself.
— And for those who want stability. Trading stocks is the first step toward investing.

00:00 – What are Stock Price Trades?
00:15 – What’s special about Stock Price Trades?
01:05 – Who is this interesting for?
02:05 – What are we trading on SPT?
02:41 – How is the profit determined on SPT?
03:18 – Opening the first trade.
03:51 – Closing the trade.


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