Soo Chuen Tan, what have you learned from building a successful investing firm?

Together with his team, Soo Chuen Tan has built the global Value Investing firm Discerene Group. They have scaled the firm to a respectable asset manager. In our conversation, we discussed Soo Chuen Tan’s builder story and his investing approach.

In our discussion we have discussed the following:
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00:37 Introduction to Soo Chuen
01:50 Disclaimer
02:30 Choosing a global approach
03:35 Mentoring
11:45 Receiving feedback
13:39 Opportunity in crisis
15:24 Advising young mentees
18:20 Balancing offense and defense
21:21 Tips on getting started with a partnership
27:10 Community Exclusive: Scaling up a firm
28:15 The right pace of building an investing business
31:00 Clockspeed vs. market
38:05 Enjoying the bad times
41:02 Finding the right investors
44:10 Southeast Asia
49:35 Attractive markets to invest in
51:44 Understanding countries when investing in businesses
53:40 Meggitt case stdy
01:01:30 Research
01:09:06 Management teams
01:11:29 Allowing thesis change
01:15:55 Reasons to sell
01:17:10 Stock cycle
01:17:46 Thoughts on Value Investing
01:18:24 Thank you
01:18:48 Disclaimer

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