SHARK Vineeta Singh, CEO & Founder SUGAR- raising money & INVESTING in WOMEN | S1 FINALE

The wait is over! Season 1 Finale with SUGAR Founder & CEO Vineeta Singh is here!


00:00-00:44 Coming Up: Vineeta’s story; “When I get my chance…”
0:44-2:12 The McKinsey introduction. “Finale Thoda different hona chahiye.”
2:12-12:15 Vineeta’s early life and learnings from her dad. “I started at 23”
12:15-22:07 Self-worth, self-doubt… why IIT couldn’t break Vineeta
22:07-33:13 Underconfidence or overconfidence, which is better for women?
33:13-40:27 Building the Best Company for women.”CRYING IS NOT A BREAKDOWN”
40:27-1:00:15 Battling gender bias in the workplace
1:00:15-1:19:03 History suggests women leaders struggle to create other women leaders. How Vineeta is trying to change this
1:19:03-1:33:30 The male POV on makeup and the men who believed in Sugar.
1:33:30-1:42:07 How Sugar is run.
1:42:07-1:43:44 Content marketing is a long-term strategic advantage.
1:43:44-1:44:56 Acquiring Enn.
1:44:56-1:49:46 Not wanting to be a digital Unilever.
1:49:46-1:51:52 Why ONE 200 Crore brand is 4-5 times more powerful than a 200Cr mix of brands
1:51:52-2:01:41 Being in the limelight, impact on children, family relationships, negative attention, and the social and financial implications.
2:01:41-2:03:42 Being her authentic self on Shark Tank India.
2:03:42-2:07:12 Thoughts on influencing the ecosystem.”My story is so imperfect that…”
2:07:12-2:08:21 What’s the finale for Vineeta and Sugar?
2:08:21-2:10:35 I hope The Barbershop Podcast becomes as big as Shark Tank India.


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