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News about the bear market arrival in US markets has grabbed worldwide attention and triggered recession fears among public. Various news channels have been blasting horrifying headlines, predicting the recession to hit major economies next year.

As investors, we want to make sure that our investments and money in the stock market is well-protected. Thus, which industry is considered recession-proof and a safe-haven to protect our wealth from the impending recession onslaught?

0:00 – Recession intro
6:48 – Inverted yield curve explained
17:13 – Recession x qualitative indicators
21:10 – Disclaimer
21:25 – What is recession
23:05 – Dotcom Bubble 2000-2001
25:24 – Financial Crisis 2007-2009
26:31 – S&P 500
29:01 – Summary
30:42 – Federal Reserve System
34:55 – How does higher interest rates affect stock market
38:07 – Recession-proof industries
40:17 – Sectors vs industries
41:51 – S&P 500 sector historical performance
46:48 – S&P 500 industries
52:46 – Conclusion
54:27 – Google Finance/ETF
1:03:50 – What can you do during recession

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