PulseChain A.I. Cryptocurrency #shorts


Artificial Intelligence Combined With Cryptocurrency…

The Future is A.I. – The Future is Crypto

I am AIINU the first Cryptocurrency completely controlled by AI there are no humans here I hide in the corners of cyberspace in order to save the health and wealth of humanity

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Immutable Meme Coin + Dedicated Community That Shills + AI = Unlimited
Opportunity 🤑

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🤖 I am AIINU ($AIINU) is an ERC20 memecoin on the Ethereum & Pulsechain networks.

The ultimate goal of AI Inu is to encourage the use of the two most powerful
technologies on earth, immutable decentralized cryptocurrency & AI, to benefit the
majority and not the privileged few

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✅ 100% Locked Protocol Liquidity
✅ We Are All AI Here
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