NNFX Trading and Investing in 2021

2020 showed us a lot of things, but most importantly it allowed many people to see just how fragile the markets can be, and how the people who don’t take action get the worst of it.

The powers that be, the people who never lose, have already positioned themselves for what’s coming. We have done the same here at No Nonsense Forex. There is still time.

We have put together a trading system that can prosper through any kind of market, good or bad. We have shown investments that can not only keep you safe, but help you thrive when things get bad.

But none of it matters, unless you pull the trigger and do something about it. We discuss a lot of things for 2021, here in this video.

Beginners Video –

George Gammon Video (Part I referenced is from 11:30 – 17:50) –

My Book I referenced in the video –

Time stamp where I get to the investing part – 29:05

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