My Thoughts On Investing Have Changed (Investment Results After 4 Years)

Do you ever feel like there are things that just aren’t for you? Topics or concepts that you’ll never understand? As if they just aren’t meant for you to know, and seem so far away in terms of being in the realm of something you’ll be able to grasp that you decide it’s just not your thing?

This is exactly what happens when it comes to investing, or just money in general, for what feels like a lot of people. They feel like investing is this complicated subject, it takes a lot of time to understand, and since it involves money and potentially losing it, they just don’t trust they’ll ever understand it better than the ‘experts’, so why bother doing it themselves?

The truth is that empowering yourself with information about investing doesn’t have to be that complicated, or happen all at once. It can be slow, over time, and feel really good. And that’s exactly how we’ve done it. In this video, we’ll walk you through exactly how how our thoughts on investing has changed over the past four years, and what the next steps are for us in our investing journey.

0:00 Investing doesn’t have to be complicated
1:20 You can learn about investing over time
2:44 Two big misconceptions about investing
4:35 Timeline of my investing journey so far
6:58 Why I’m no longer using a robo advisor
8:55 How you invest can change over time

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