Meet India's CRYPTO Millionaire Sumit Gupta – EASY Explanation @CoinDCX | The Ranveer Show 97

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Sumit Gupta is the co-founder of CoinDCX, which is India’s largest and safest Cryptocurrency exchange!

With its valuation of over ₹100 crores, CoinDCX is trying to educate people like you and me to understand how Cryptocurrency works from the very basic.

We’ve heard a lot of myths and assumptions on how crypto is bad, and many of us outright reject it. In this conversation, we have debunked all those myths by having a meaningful conversation about Cryptocurrency & how Blockchain, the technology it’s based on, works at its core.

Tune in to this educating conversation with Sumit Gupta on this episode of The Ranveer Show.
#cryptocurrrency #bitcoin

00:00- Introduction
1:09- The hype around Crypto recently
04:30- Explaining Crypto to a 3-year-old
5:37- Blockchain technology and its transparency
08:15- How Blockchain will make transactions efficient?
11:19- Crypto and its possibility of fueling terrorism
14:06- Why he started CoinDCX
15:37- Growth of crypto since 2010
16:20- His take on adopting new technologies for India’s growth
18:18- What is CoinDCX?
19:15- His argument against anti-crypto
21:21- Evolution of Virtual Reality and Crypto
23:37- Is Crypto safe?
25:26- Will you lose your Crypto money if government bans it?
26:55- Should Indians take a risk and invest in Bitcoin?
29:19- Are other countries backing up Crypto?
30:02- Last message

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