Looking For The Next Quick Flip Cryptocurrency – Crypto Portfolio

In this weeks episode of the crypto portfolio, I am covering what cryptocurrency I am looking at for a quick flip for when we enter the next cryptocurrency bull run cycle. Which hopefully we are going to see in 2023.

I feel there are multiple opportunities to be made in this cryptocurrency winter, meaning we can make a quick flip with certain coins. What I mean by quick flip is a short term position to make quick profits and then to sell out transferring the profits to a more “stable” cryptocurrency, for example BTC or ETH.

Every week I will be talking about what I am buying and the current cryptocurrency news that’s been going on in the world, hopefully you will learn some knowledge or even just to have a insight into cryptocurrency trading.

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***Remember this is for education purposes only, I am not a financial advisor so please make sure you do your own research before buying a Cryptocurrency***

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