Investing with the Best, Founder-Problem Fit, Pre-Mortems and Pre-Parades, and More — Roelof Botha

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Roelof Botha — Investing with the Best, Ulysses Pacts, The Magic of Founder-Problem Fit, How to Use Pre-Mortems and Pre-Parades, Learning from Crucible Moments, and Daring to Dream

Resources from the episode:

00:00 Start
01:06 Motivation in the margins of a Monday meeting notebook.
04:13 The Ulysses Pact.
06:39 Who was Roelof’s grandfather?
08:50 What is actuarial science, and why did Roelof choose it as his major?
13:16 Advice for young, aspiring entrepreneurs.
15:02 Don Valentine and his 2×2 matrix.
18:29 The founder-problem fit.
21:02 Succinctness in green.
23:17 Pre-mortems and pre-parades.
26:18 Why Sequoia is aptly named.
29:08 Keeping the team small can be such a big deal.
34:13 Book recommendations.
36:56 Finding balance in the relentless pursuit.
39:31 What it was like for Roelof to finally achieve his “ten to the ninth.”
40:37 The Sequoia Capital Fund.
42:38 How Sequoia’s fee structure maximizes value for clients and keeps the company strong.
51:19 Failure? It all depends on the scale of your ambition.
54:47 How Roelof guides founders who want to sell too soon and for too little.
01:00:01 Founders Roelof considers influential.
01:03:01 Growing up Afrikaner.
01:06:21 How Roelof set his sights on graduating school in first place.
01:08:06 Silkworms.
01:10:19 What Roelof’s TED Talk about a secondary interest would entail.
01:11:50 Rugby.
01:15:16 Roelof’s physical routines for staying in shape.
01:17:50 Crucible moments.
01:12:21 How Roelof wound up in the world of Silicon Valley startups.
01:28:16 Early days (and challenges) at PayPal.
01:32:18 Memorable failures and the lessons they imparted.
01:38:53 Coping with VC’s high rate of failure as someone who hates to lose.
01:43:44 What Peter Thiel taught Roelof about changing his mind.
01:50:51 How professionalization in VC has developed over time.
01:57:25 Roelof’s billboard.
01:59:57 Parting thoughts.

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