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There’s hope to heal the rising crisis in young men. Speaker, professor and top podcast host Scott Galloway believes that mentorship and economic investment in young men are our chance to stop boys from falling behind and feeling alienated. Gone are the days of “boys don’t cry.” Here are the days of boys asking, “why.”

About Scott Galloway:
Scott Galloway is a clinical professor of marketing at the New York University Stern School of Business, and a public speaker, author, podcast host, and entrepreneur. He was elected to the World Economic Forum’s “Global Leaders of Tomorrow,” which recognizes 100 individuals under the age of 40 whose accomplishments have had impact on a global level. He has served on the board of directors of Eddie Bauer, The New York Times Company, Gateway Computer, Urban Outfitters, and Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.

Galloway teaches brand management and digital marketing to second-year MBA students. Much of his research focuses on “The Four,” or “the Four Horsemen.” His first book, The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google, was published in 2017. It analyzes the four companies’ peculiar strengths and strategies, their novel economic models, their inherent rapacity, their ambition, and the drastic consequences of their rise that people face in both social and individual terms. He is the CNN+ host of a business and technology show, No Mercy No Malice.

Show Notes
3:40 – Intro Scott
6:48 – Scott’s approach to championing masculinity
11:38 – Men’s sex lives
13:20 – Porn consumption
16:39 – Workplace dating
19:27 – The problem with dating apps
23:06 – Lonely broken young men
27:10 – Mentoring young men
30:34 – We need more male teachers
40:26 – Have men been here before?
43:11 – How men can get involved in guiding younger men
50:10 – How Scott values crying

Key Quotes from the Episode:
– “When I say men need to have more sex, I think men need to be more aggresive about establishing relationsips, not only romantic relationships but friendships with each other.”
​​- ”The first sign of a man that’s truly failed is he starts blaming women.”
– “If we want better man, then we [older men] have to be better men.”

Guest Social Links:
Instagram: @profgalloway

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