Investing in Canadian Equity ETFs | VCN vs. XIC

In this video, Justin compares Vanguard’s and iShares’ broad Canadian stock market ETFs, VCN and XIC.

The below topics are explained in this Canadian equity ETF tutorial:

1. Intro 00:00
2. How XIC’s 10% company capping feature works 01:52
3. How to calculate each company’s weight in a market capitalization-weighted index 02:53
4. Which ETF is more diversified: VCN or XIC? 04:17
5. Historical performance of VCN’s and XIC’s underlying indexes 05:07
6. Worst historical losses for VCN and XIC 05:28
7. Which ETF should you invest in: VCN or XIC? 05:55
8. Sector concentration in the Canadian vs. global stock market 06:21

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