Inflation Is Now Key to Investing

It’s been four decades since inflation has played such a powerful role in the economy and markets. How inflation goes will have a big impact on the level of interest rates, economic growth, and the direction of the financial markets.

Today central banks around the world have their work cut out for them. Global inflation rates are running far above the target inflation rates set by central banks. The U.S., the eurozone, and the U.K. are prime examples with high inflation and low targets. Countries like Poland, Russia, and the Czech Republic are under extreme pressure with extraordinarily elevated inflation. The two exceptions, China, where inflation is running below its target rate, and Japan, where they are about equal, are at the opposite end of the spectrum.

This week’s guest says inflation is the key to the economy and markets. He is Jack McIntyre, Portfolio Manager with Brandywine Global Investment Management.
McIntrye says the direction of the economy and markets is now all about how inflation is controlled. We’ll discuss how he is investing as that dynamic plays out.

Global bond manager Jack McIntyre says central banks around the world are determined to stamp out inflation. Their success will determine the direction of markets and economies. He explains how he is investing for several outcomes.

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WEALTHTRACK #1910 broadcast on September 02, 2022

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