How to Start Investing in the Market for Beginners! – Stock Market vs FDs Part 3

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If you are someone who wishes to beat inflation and grow your wealth passively, then Mutual Funds are the best. What happens in Mutual Funds is that your money is managed by professionals who give back returns for a small free.

Mutual Fund investments have historically given 12-15% Annual Returns to their investors. So it is a no-brainer to think about them while parking money for the long-term.

In the world of Mutual Funds, there are many investment opportunities including Equity, Debt and Hybrid Funds( which are a mix of both).

💹Equity funds mainly invest in stocks of various companies while debt funds invest in bonds and debentures. Since equity is more volatile, it is considered to be good for investors with at least a 5-year goal. Debt funds are more stable and are preferred by short-term investors.

✨✨Now these are some of the Mutual Funds which we feel are the best in each category!

Largecap – Canara Robeco Blue Chip Fund or NIFTY BeEs ETF
Large and Midcap – Axis Growth Opportunity Fund
Flexicap – Parag Parikh Flexicap
Midcap – Mirae Asset Midcap Fund, PGIM Midcap Fund
Smallcap – Axis Smallcap Fund, SBI Smallcap Fund

Short-Duration(5-8% returns) – HDFC Short-term Debt Fund, Axis Short Term Debt Fund

💹Equity Funds will give high-growth to your portfolio while Debt Funds will help give stability and ensure liquidity(withdrawal or rebalancing).

A thumb rule for investing is 100 minus age should be your allocation into equity. If you are 30 years old, 70% of your portfolio should go into equity and the rest 30% into debt funds.

According to your risk preference, you can invest 60-70% of equity allocation into Largecap like funds. The rest can be allocated to riskier midcap and small-cap funds.

💹That is, if you are planning to invest Rs 1 lakh at 30 years of age, then Rs 70,000 would go into equity funds. And 60% or Rs 42,000 of this will go into largecap funds while Rs 28,000 goes into midcap and smallcap funds.

🟢Largecap Mutual Funds can also be replaced by ETFs like SBI NIFTY ETF and NIFTY BeEs while investing.

💵And the 30% remaining from Rs 1 lakh should be invested into debt funds.

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